Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let thoughts flow forth!!!!  Since beginning this blog, I have had aspirations of getting the word out in social media.  Creating a FB page, possible web-site, and word of mouth.  I have created this blog as I have had both parents, sister, misc. other relatives and friends pass away due to cancer or complications thereof.  The idea is to create a place where you the people can gather to find news, data, share stories, etc... as long as their clean. 

Things began when I was a child... let's just say several years ago.  All I recall is walking to\ from local swimming pool and mom telling me dad was ill and in hospital.  At that age I was unable to visit or understand terms, meanings, etc... Years later, I find my dad suffered from lung cancer as he had smoked cigarette's.  Was on his death bed during that time undergoing tests, treatment, etc...twenty some years later in 1990's.... while at home he reached a body temp. of 100+ and directed to go to local hospital.  Biopsies were taken of lymph nodes and he remained in ICU where he eventually passed as fluid continued to enter his lungs and taken off life support as living will directed. 

Almost to the day, one year later my sister hadn't felt good and went to different local hospital where she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Not long afterwords, she had mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.  During the course of months afterwords, she continued visits to hospital complaining of not feeling well.  Doctors natuarally continued looking at breasts, meanwhile the fluid from implants had leaked and spread throughout her body covering vital organs.  As a few years passed, she became severely ill and entered hospital for more tests\ surgery.  After attempts trying to install shunts, search for other possible cures... doctors advised us there was no hope and her days were numbered.  As she was a computer programmer and used to sitting at a desk, not eating a healthy diet, and lack of exerecise....doctors advised family members to begin a regimen of all the above so WE don't have similar instances.  Day's later, I visited hospital while on lunch from work to comfort my mom and sister.  En-route back to work, mom called and said she had passed.  I felt terrible as no sign was given while I had just been visiting and mom left there  alone to deal with matters by herself.  Especially after suffering from dad's loss, burying your own child.... no parent should have to go through.  While this gave her the time and experiece of comforting my sister and time to themselves, I felt quilty of this for years.  Thankfully, a dear friend of mine who is a mother herself whom has dealt with trauma\ children\ etc... explained to me that mother\ daughter time at this particular moment was a somewhat bonding experience and not to feel at least as guilty as I had.   More later dealing with mom and her illness. 

Please feel free to comment with your stories or notes on my posts.  All are welcome

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your family has been taken from you due to this horrible disease. Creating a blog to provide information, and share stories is a wonderful way to help you and others heal from grief.
    My husband has been struggling off and on for ten years with a brain tumor in his cerebellum, and touching his brain stem. He has had three surgeries, but it is unable to be totally removed due to its location. Right now, he is doing well, but it is only a matter of time before it grows again, and we are running out of treatment options. We just have to keep the faith, and believe that he will be able to fight this.
    Great first post, and I look forward to reading more:)