Monday, November 8, 2010

Career dreams

I have had the notion of creating an all inclusive physical rehab facility.  A place for those such as stroke victims, vets, accidents, nerve disorders, etc... An outpatient clinic composed of doctors, pharmacists, therapists, gym equipment, swimming pool, underwater treadmill, massage thereapists, perhaps insurance personnel.  While I don't like the term "disabled", as many who have been tagged by "society" or handicapable.  A place where such people can gather for support and comfort and receive services they require without having to run all over town wasting energy and natural resources.  I have been doing some research on this, need to locate and consult some people in each of those fields.  It has come to my attention that partnering with insurance companies may be a rather difficult challenge!! Raising capital for this campaign will take significant effort and creative idea's.  Some facilities such as this have began to sprout up around town and I will need a volunteer acting as such a person will be needed.

Please feel free to comment with idea's, suggestions, input.  Would love to hear from those in the field or know of contact's they would like to share!

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